B-FUSION® is innovation in continuous evolution. It is a growth biotic. The fusion of a prebiotic and a probiotic. Designed to improve the digestibility and assimilation of the ration to ensure maximum profitability. B-Fusion® is able to perform multiple actions, both of a chemical, physical and metabolic nature, such as to induce positive productive responses and better conditions for the animal's well-being

Evaluating the real ability of any additive or nutritional complement to improve functional efficiency in animals in terms of nutrition, welfare, economic profitability and food safety for the consumer, very often involves huge financial and human resources. These are necessary for the implementation of complex experimental protocols that rely on different and, at times, complex biological, chemical and physical indicators to evaluate their real efficiency, in terms of production performance and product quality. We believe that, in dairy cows, it is possible to give a judgment, albeit limited but sufficiently reliable, of the efficiency of a product by resorting to a few chemical-physical or biochemical parameters derived from the examination of faeces, blood and milk.


  • Due to its particular synergistic action it allows to present in a single product, multiple substances used, usually separately, which are effective in various problems present in the breeding. The absorption processes are improved by the effect of the anti-oxidative activity exerted on the ruminal epithelium.
  • It provides ingredients that support and improve rumen digestion.
    Multiplicity of metabolites capable of carrying out multiple actions, both of a chemical, physical and metabolic nature, such as to induce positive production responses and allow better use, absorption or transport of the nutrients present in the ration. Improves the overall digestibility of the diet.
  • Promotes the absorption of AGVs in the rumen: greater energy for the animal, less rumen acidity, rebalances the pH and stabilizes it over time.
  • It improves the transit of volatile fatty acids by making a greater amount of nutrient available to the animal in terms of time, which translates into a greater amount of energy available for their active membrane transport.
  • Avoids the risk of lactic acid accumulation, increases the utilization of lactate by Selenomonas and Megasphera.
  • Increase the use of lactate. Abnormal pH values due to rumen acidosis and a high rumen flow bring large quantities of undigested nutrients into the large intestine: starch, proteins, fats. In this way, dangerous, toxigenic and clearly pathogenic microbial populations develop in the cecum and colon. The consequence is the positive effect of B-FUSION® on the rumen pH, which remains higher after the meal, avoiding the risks of rumen acidosis.
  • Improves the utilization of fiber. Promotes the growth and development of the rumen microflora.
    It increases the growth rate of microbial biomass, especially that which uses fibers. It stimulates the degradation of fibrous structures in the rumen by bringing greater quantities of acetic and butyric acid to the detriment of propionic.
  • Reduces ruminal residence times. It increases the ingestion of dry matter and stimulates the appetite.
    It performs its fundamental task by decreasing the average retention time of the digestive inside the rumen making it more fermentable in the unit of time, in this way the animal will be in such conditions as to increase the ingestion and consequently the production that will be in line with its genetics.
  • It improves the use of ammonia nitrogen by the rumen flora keeping it in harmony in order to:
    increase the efficiency of use of the food protein and decrease the excretions of N in the environment. The improvement of the efficiency and the quantity of fiber fermenting bacteria has an important effect on the reduction of ammonia in the rumen and consequently on the release of urea in milk and urine.
  • It improves the intestinal absorption of the protein fraction of the ration.
    It supports nutritional and microbiological quality and can have a positive impact on intestinal integrity, thus improving animal performance. Promotes gut and immune health, suggesting potential application as a functional ingredient in the pet food industry.


  • B Bovine
  • | 
  • F Fermentations optimized to improve the health and well-being of cattle
  • U Use of improved ration
  • S Substances absorbed
  • I Increases milk production
  • O Optimizes the kg / meat increase in beef cattle
  • N Neutralizes the production of toxic compounds


Lower incidence of food problems with increase in productive and reproductive career Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) derived from fermentation processes.

Decrease in body temperature in summer - Increase in the resistance of animals to external stress - Improvement of the state of general well-being - Improvement of zoo-economic parameters.