Research, knowledge and application

for a biotechnology according to nature

Healthy nutrition

  • Natural products
  • Non-GMO Microorganisms
  • Obtimal security for the human being and the environment without any residue

Healthy and welfare

  • High productive performances
  • Strengthenig of the immune system
  • Protection from the environmental stressors


  • Commodities acquired by verified and certified suppliers
  • Complete traceability at every point of the way
  • Over 7.500 self-control analyses per year

Your satisfaction, our success

Hanna e WojciechPoland

“We can’t imagine anymore our breeding without Akron One, ‘cause it managed to improve the ration digestibility, by increasing the whole herd production “

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“The market offers a lot of vitaminic premixes, but the Akron quality is unmatched”

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Dr. RodolfoItaly

“Since I introduced the IG imprinting from my customers, I reduced considerably the death and the diseases that can appear during the first 5 weeks of life”

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he feedingstuff team – Germany

“Thanks to the Akron’s concentratates in our special lines of feedingstuff, we managed to offer to our costumers the quality they were searching for.”

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Why are we different?


Using microorganisms in a biotechnological way has ancient origins, especially for the so-called “classical biotechnologies” which exploit microorganisms for the spontaneous transformation of the food commodities.

Thanks to the integration of technological and scientific disciplines, Akron produces and uses microorganisms (or some component of them), which have an important impact on the feedingstuffs industries representing a crucial qualitative change.

The wide microbial’s metabolic heterogeneity makes potentially possible to get a huge range of products. By exploiting the aerobic or anaerobic metabolism is possible to get primary products arising from the energetic metabolism, as the volatil fat acids (lactic acid, propionic and butyric acid), or the secondary metabolites coming from microbial’s synthesis mechanisms, really different amog them. The high biological activity products belong to this class. Some of them are: antimicrobials, immunoregulatories, inibitories of specifical enzymatic activities and growth promoters. This is all for

  • the improvement of the immune response and of the health,
  • to optimize the ration in order to improve the dirigibility,
  • for the control of inflammations
  • for the check of the dangerous presence of a bacterial toxin or mytoxin.

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